Just for Fun: 50 Great Android Apps

There's no mistaking that Google's open source mobile operating system Android is maturing quickly -- with Froyo and Gingerbread out and Honeycomb coming -- so it's no surprise that Android apps are also surging in popularity. And while enterprise and productivity apps are always a priority, there's something to be said for having some fun with your Android mobile devices. Here we outline 50 great mobile apps that cover everything from wine purchases to comics to sports and music.

A fun android app can really come in handy. Let’s face it: when you're sitting behind a desk, sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take a break. It seems counterintuitive, but having a little fun can rev you up to be more productive for the rest of the workday.

Whether you prefer to spend that break time shopping, playing games or sneaking in a workout, there are apps to suit your needs. Here's a list of 50 of the best.

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50 Android Apps for Your Lunch Break


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