iPhone 5 Rumor Mill Foresees New Dock Connector

The blogosphere is buzzing again with iPhone 5 rumors. The latest: The new iPhone model is likely to use a smaller, newly designed dock connector. The move, if it happens, could potentially render many current iPhone accessories obsolete—or at least in bad need of an adapter.

The blog iMore reports that a new iPhone “micro dock” could make room inside the smartphone for a bigger battery. Suboptimal battery life has been a common complaint about the iPhone 4S. A micro dock could also free up space for a 4G radio, which requires lots of room, or anything else Apple deems important.

Current iOS models use a 30-pin dock connector, which physically connects the device to a computer via USB, to a wall socket charger, or to any number of third-party accessories.

But in the “post PC” era, with Apple pushing wireless updates and syncing, Cupertino may view the 30-pin dock connector as anachronistic. Thus, a component that is no longer as important as it once was and takes up a fair amount of space would be phased out in favor of another component that hogs space but is essential.

Rumor has it Apple isn’t considering a micro USB port because “it’s not faster and not Apple’s style,” iMore reports.


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