Is the iPhone 4S Siri a Data Hog?

Owners of the new iPhone 4S have had a great time over the past week or so, asking Siri questions like “What’s my name?” and “What’s the temperature outside?”

Soon, these same iPhone 4S owners may be in for an unpleasant surprise. While Siri is certainly cool, frequent use of the iPhone 4S voice assistant can eat into your data plan.

Siri’s voice processing is handled by Apple’s servers, which requires a data connection. Plus, the information Siri returns often comes from Yelp, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, or other source, which also requires a connection. So whenever you ask Siri a question while on 3G instead of Wi-Fi, you’re eating into your data plan. Those who are on a tight data plan, such as AT&T’s $15 monthly service of 200MB, are likely to be the most affected.

There’s some early grumbling about Siri’s data consumption, such as on this Apple forum. But the situation is likely to get more attention in the coming weeks, as more people buy a new iPhone 4S and become enamored with Siri. 


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