Microsoft Office for iPad Coming Soon?

Microsoft has developed iPad versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and is expected to submit them soon for Apple’s approval, according to The Daily.

The Daily reports it has had a “brief hands-on with a working prototype of the software,” discovering that the apps’ interfaces are similar to OneNote for iPad with “hints of Metro.” Metro is the design language used in Windows Phone and the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

At this point, it’s not known whether the Office iPad suite will include other tablet editions of Microsoft suite software, such as Outlook. Pricing and availability are also question marks.

The iPad Office apps will be able to create and edit files locally on the iPad or grab them from a cloud service such as Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

There are already a number of options for creating and editing Office documents on an iPad. Apple has its own productivity suite of apps for $10 each (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote). In addition, apps such as CloudOn and OnLive Desktop enable iPad users to work with full-featured, cloud-based versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on an iPad.

Apparently, an Android version of Office is “not in the works,” says The Daily’s source.


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