Time to Buy or Wait? Ask New iPhone App

Timing the purchase of any electronic device, whether it’s a smartphone or a laptop, is tricky. You don’t want to buy something just as it’s about to be replaced by a newer, faster, cheaper model, or before there’s a price drop.

Turns out, there’s an iOS app for that, and it’s called Decide. Using the free iPhone app, you can search or browse for products or scan the product’s barcode in a store. You can also compare prices, get specs, and read reviews of products. There’s a web site, Decide.com, which performs the same functions. 

We asked the Decide app for buying advice on three mobile devices. Here’s what it told us.

* HP Pavilion 15.6 laptop with 2.3GHz AMD A6 Quad Core processor. Advice: Wait. Why? This particular configuration of the HP laptop is five months old and there’s likely to be a new model within four months. 

* HTC Evo 3D 4G smartphone. Advice: Wait. Why? Prices will drop $28 on average or hold steady, the app predicts.

* Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Advice: Wait. Why? Prices will drop or hold steady.

The majority of devices we browsed received a Buy recommendation, such as the Apple iPad 2, the Kindle Fire, and the Toshiba Mini netbook. The Decide app also gives predictions on TVs, hard drives, headphones, camcorders, cameras, computer games, Blu-Ray players, and GPS devices.


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