UN Approves Super Fast Mobile Technology

In about two years, mobile devices will be about 500 times faster than today’s 3G smartphones and tablets, thanks to the United Nations.

At a meeting in Geneva, a U.N. telecom committee approved the international standards for the IMT-Advanced wireless technology, according to the Associated Press. IMT-Advanced “uses radio-frequency spectrum much more efficiently, and devices built with it will need less bandwidth to access the Internet, stream videos and transfer data,” the AP reports.

The IMT-Advanced technology has been unavailable until now because the U.N. needed to approve the international standards.

IMT-Advanced technology will be like fiber optic cable, while today’s 3G technology will feel like accessing the Internet on a dial-up modem connection, said a U.N. official. The new standard will mean super fast video chat, web and email access, and high-definition TV.

It will take up to two years for the IMT-Advanced standard to be baked into consumer devices.


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