Tips: T-Mobile G1 � Getting the Most Out of the First 'gPhone'

If you've recently upgraded to the T-Mobile G1, the first cell phone to use Google's Android operating system, here's a sweet collection of tips to help you get more out of it.

Fast Apps
Tired of scrolling around to find your favorite applications? Simply tap and hold the Home key to see a pop-up window of your six most recently used apps.

Just Type
When you're ready to call someone from your Contacts directory, you don't need to open Contacts first. Just slide open the keyboard and start typing the person's name. You'll see matching contacts displayed on the screen.

Be a Smart Shopper
Your G1 could save you lots of money this holiday season. Download the free ShopSavvy app, which lets you scan barcodes with the G1's camera. The app will then tell you where to find the lowest online price for that item.

Clean Slate
If you want to sell or return your G1, you'll want to erase all personal data first. Here's how you do it: With the phone off, hold down the Home button and the power button until you see an exclamation mark on the screen. Open the keyboard and then hit Alt-W.

Keep Your Focus
The G1's camera has something you rarely see on a cell phone: an autofocus that works like a digital camera's does. Eliminate blurry shots by holding the camera button halfway down before taking a shot. The camera will focus the image and display a green dot in the upper right corner to let you know it's ready.

Know the Code
Type *#06# into your phone to view your G1's unique 13-digit number. Write it down and keep it in a safe place. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, T-Mobile can use that code to track it.

Calling All Contacts
When you want to use voice dialing, simply click and hold the Call button to enter voice dialing mode.

Tiny Text
Do you find Web pages hard to read? Tap the trackball twice to call up a magnifying glass. Select the area you want magnified and then click again to bring it up.

Forward a Text
You can forward an SMS or MMS message simply by tapping and holding on the message while you're in the conversation screen. A contextual menu will pop up with Forward as one of the options.

Rock to Your Ringer
You can use any stored song as a ringtone with the G1. Open Music, then Songs, and tap and hold your song of choice. A contextual menu will appear; select the Use as Phone Ringtone option.

Save Your Battery
Are you tired of your G1's battery running out too soon? There are a few things you can do to save energy. First, lower the screen brightness; the screen is the biggest power draw. Next, turn GPS off when you're not using it, and turn off the synchronization options in the Data Synchronization setting.

Save Your Breath
Is there anyone in your circle that you just don't want to talk to? Then send that person's calls directly to voice mail. Select their contact, tap Menu, choose to edit the contact, then choose the option to send calls directly to voice mail.


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