The Best iPad 2 Cases and Bags for Enterprise Users

Kung Fu Panda 2. The Hangover Part II. Cars 2. No doubt about it: the summer movie sequel season is in full bloom. In that spirit, we present for your enjoyment the sequel to our 2010 roundup of the best iPad cases (and bags). The difference: This time we checked out cases and bags for the iPad 2, which is, of course, the sequel to the original iPad.

Here, from least to most expensive, are six iPad 2 cases and bags we recommend. (We like Apple's iPad Smart Cover too, particularly the $69 black leather model but wish it offered more viewing angles. And it doesn't protect the iPad 2's backside.)

FitFolio Cover for iPad 2

$40 list price

Speck's FitFolio Cover for iPad 2 (available in red, black, and grey) is a protective, matte-finish, folio-style case that doubles as an iPad stand. Unlike some similar cases, you get four positioning slots (instead of the usual two or three). That extra slot, closest to the case's front edge, is the one we prefer for viewing the iPad.

The iPad 2 snaps securely into the FitFolio's cradle. The case's cover, when closed, is secured with a small elastic band--a nice touch. We also like its lightness; the case weighs just 8.75 ounces.

The interior of the cover flap is felt, to protect the screen. Our only complaint: the case doesn't support the iPad 2's auto cover lock/unlock feature. Other than that, the FitFolio is a reasonably priced, versatile case/stand.

SwitchEasy Canvas for iPad 2

$50 list price

SwitchEasy's Canvas case, like the FitFolio, is a combo stand/case; it's available in black, brown, charcoal, and grey (a lighter version of the charcoal color). The Canvas features a tough, scratch-resistant matte finish, a padded microfiber lining, and a protective polycarbonate interior, into which you snap the iPad 2.

When it comes to protection, the Canvas gets props for going the extra mile. Not only does the case feel extra protective, it comes with an anti-static screen guard; a microfiber screen wiping cloth; two headphone jack protection inserts; and two 30-pin connector protection inserts. Given that these protectors would be easy to lose, we appreciate that SwitchEasy also provided two of each. Best of all, the Canvas supports the iPad 2's auto lock/unlock feature.

Downsides: The Canvas feels a tad heavier than the FitFolio and lacks that extra positioning slot. But these are small complaints; the Canvas is a worthy case for anyone seeking extra protection for their iPad 2, without giving up auto lock/unlock.

Targus Versavu Cover & Stand for iPad 2

$60 list price

Targus puts a different spin, literally, on the iPad 2 case/stand combo. While your iPad 2 is ensconced in the case, you can position the tablet in either horizontal mode, or spin it around into the portrait-viewing mode. It's a cool feature that kicks the iPad 2 case flexibility quotient up several notches.

Aside from the rotation, the Versavu is a bit pedestrian. You get only two slots for viewing angles. The case weighs 1.3 lbs., nearly as much as the iPad 2. The Versavu only comes in one color (black); the interior is a baby-blue color, which won't be to everyone's taste. We like that the case exposes the Apple logo on the iPad 2's back, however. And if you frequently alternate between horizontal and landscape modes, this is the case for you.

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