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iPad Travel Express

$69 list price

San Francisco-based WaterField makes a variety of high-quality, stylish gadget bags, including the iPad Travel Express.

The bag is a carry-all into which you can tuck your iPad, iPad 2, or iPad 2 with Apple's Smart Cover; a Bluetooth keyboard; the iPad's power charger and cable; and maybe even a box of lemon drops, just for the heck of it. The interior includes a rigid insert to keep your iPad 2 and keyboard from bumping up against one another. You can pack the iPad Travel Express into a larger bag. Or, with the optional d-rings and shoulder strap, you can transform it into a business-appropriate shoulder bag.

The iPad Travel Express is constructed of black ballistic nylon, with an accentuating stripe (available in six colors), and it weighs a reasonable 10.5 ounces.

Packing both Apple's Bluetooth keyboard and the iPad 2 in a Smart Cover inside the case is a slightly tight fit, but it works. We recommend this bag for those who want to travel with their iPad and accessories neatly organized together.

Briggs & Riley Excusion Field Bag

$80 list price

Along with WaterField, we're longtime fans of Briggs & Riley bags. Among their latest is the Excursion Field Bag, which includes an interior padded pocket that fits an iPad 1 or 2 or most small netbooks and e-book readers. The device is secured in a main interior pocket with an elastic Velcro strap.

You also get interior pockets for a smartphone or cell phone, pens, business cards, and other stuff. An exterior zippered pocket on the bag's buckled flap is a handy place to stash a boarding pass or other small items. Briggs & Riley says the zipper is water resistant.

The bag weighs 1.1 pounds, is made of nylon, and comes in Slate, Ocean, and Amber colors. Our sample was Slate--grey, essentially--with an orange interior. This isn't the most business-looking bag around, and we don't care for the metal Briggs & Riley identifier tag visible on one side of the bag. Still, we love the bag's roomy interior, overall compact size, and multiple internal pockets--perfect for toting your iPad, wireless keyboard, and a few other essentials.

Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2

$100 list price

Logitech's Bluetooth keyboard case is both stylish and clever.

Your iPad 2 nestles face down and snaps into place with the keyboard case, which provides protection for the tablet's screen. The exterior of the Logitech case (designed by ZAGG) is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is both sturdy and sleek.

The Bluetooth keyboard (built into the case) paired easily with our iPad 2. Though the chiclet-style keys are a bit small, we had no trouble typing for long stretches of time. The keyboard also offers dedicated buttons for audio and video controls, search, and more. Also, you can comfortably position the iPad 2 horizontally or vertically in the slot, above the keyboard. The keyboard uses its own battery, which is rechargeable via a micro USB port and cable (included).

Be forewarned: When paired with this keyboard case, the iPad 2's back is exposed. You can't use a protective back cover, such as Speck's excellent SmartShell Case for iPad 2 ($35 list price), at the same time. If you try, the iPad 2 won't snap into the Logitech case. And at $100, this is a pricey case. But for those who regularly need a physical keyboard, Logitech's case is an excellent solution.

James A. Martin writes Internet.com's iPhone blog iPhoneGuide as well as Traveler 2.0, a mobile technology blog.

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