Cisco WebEx BlackBerry App for Web Collaboration

Cisco today released a free WebEx Meeting Center BlackBerry application that allows for online collaboration during meetings with the ability to view shared documents and desktops directly from users' smartphones.

The Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) WebEx Meeting Center mobile download is available at WebEx.com or from Research In Motion's (NASDAQ: RIMM) mobile app store, the BlackBerry App World.

When a user clicks on the meeting URL to join a Cisco WebEx online meeting from his or her BlackBerry smartphone, the WebEx audio conferencing system will call the user back to join the meeting. When the user answers the audio call, the data portion of the meeting is automatically launched on the smartphone. The BlackBerry OS application also supports other audio configurations.

Web Collaboration for BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry owners using the mobile app for Web collaboration during meetings can view shared presentations, applications and desktops with live annotations. In addition, BlackBerry smartphone users can see the attendee list, find out who's talking at a particular time and chat privately with one or all of the attendees.

The mobile application also gives meeting hosts the flexibility to start a meeting that has previously been scheduled on a computer and to then pass presenter control on to another attendee participating from a computer.

The news of Cisco's WebEx BlackBerry app comes at a time when RIM is gearing up to release the update to its BlackBerry OS, version 6.0, to keep pace with competing Android-powered handsets and rival Apple, which just unveiled iPhone OS 4.

The upgraded iPhone OS 4 includes more mobile security and mobile computing features to make the consumer smartphone better equipped for the enterprise, where RIM has dominated for years.

Meanwhile, Cisco also recently launched a WebEx iPad app for Apple's newest mobile device, as well as the iPad-only app MyRouters Pro, "specifically designed for network administrators of Cisco and Juniper (M/T) routers to simplify login and access to command line interface (CLI) through the iPads when they are working off-site."


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