New Push-to-Talk Solution Uses VoIP, 3G, 4G

There's more to the push-to-talk sector than Nextel. A new service -- BeOn -- from Harris Corporation, offers group and individual calling, distress calls, and dispatch services like Nextel, but its push-to-talk solution runs over VoIP. In other news, Harris was just awarded the Wall Street Journal's 2010 Innovation Award in the category of Health Care IT for Connect, which is open-source software that allows for the secure and private sharing of electronic health information. Meanwhile, however, VoIPPlanet has all the details of the new push-to-talk solution.

In the world of push-to-talk connectivity, Nextel’s Direct Connect is the elephant in the living room, enjoying vast market share by delivering instant communications over a dedicated cellular network.

Now Harris Corporation has stepped into the ring with what it says is a major differentiator. Harris’ BeOn push-to-talk solution runs over VoIP.

"Until now push-to-talk was a local service. Whether you have 6 towers or 600 towers, you were still stuck on that private system," said John Vaughan, senior president of global marketing for public safety and professional communications at Harris. Working through ubiquitous IP, BeOn is inherently more open, flexible, and available, he said.

BeOn’s features will be familiar to push-to-talk users. These include group calling, individual calling, group scanning, distress calls, and dispatch/administrative services. It will run on smartphones (as yet unnamed), and Harris also is developing its own phone to support the service.

BeOn will be sold to carriers, with key end users including emergency departments, first responders, utilities, transportation businesses, corporations with a widespread workforce and government agencies with field operations, Vaughan said.

Users of BeOn will be able to connect to individuals or to a talk group with one button. The solution uses VoIP over 3G and 4G networks, using Harris’s VIDA (Voice, Interoperability, Data, and Access) IP platform, which currently is deployed by public safety users.

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