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How The Semiconductor Shortage Happened - And When It Will Recover

The chip shortage has constrained manufacturing and caused product delays. Here's what to expect going forward.

Google Updates Chrome OS with New Hardware and Software

Chromebox joins Chromebooks as Google expands open source operating system vision

IBM Shushes Siri

The iPhone's personal digital assistant is tech non grata on IBM campuses as security concerns surface.

Apple: Notebook and Tablet Markets Will Not Converge

Apple CEO takes aim at hybrid ultrabook concepts as the iPad maker continues to make record profits.

Intel Ramping up for Ultrabook Revolution

The chip giant is moving forward with its next generation of server and desktop processors.

Dell, Lenovo Readying 'Day One' Windows 8 Business Tablets

Companies vie for first place as signs point to an October launch date for Microsoft's tablet OS.

Apple iPad 3 Coming in March?

Apple gears up for a launch event, but definitive specs elude industry watchers.

IDC: Apple Leapfrogs LG to Become No. 3 Mobile Phone Maker

In the fourth quarter of 2011, the mobile phone market experienced its slowest growth in more than two years, but the smartphone market continued to grow, led by Apple.

RIM Calls Up New CEO

Founders and co-CEOs Lazaridis and Balsillie have stepped aside to give Thorsten Heins the reins of Research In Motion.

Google: Less Than 1 Percent of Android Devices Run Latest OS

Google says only 0.6 percent of Android devices run Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of the Android mobile operating system.

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook Struggles to Make the Play

The company admits that it ended its fiscal third quarter with a high level of unsold PlayBook inventory and will have to mark down their value of $485 million. It also adjusted its third quarter guidance down ahead of its earnings call.

Who Are the Top Five Mobile Phone Makers?

Feature phones may be on their way out but they're still key to the current healthy market for mobile phones in general, according to a new report.

Nokia Debuts Windows Phones But Not Here

It's about time. Nokia introduces its first Windows Phone handsets and promises more to come -- next year.

Will a New OS Save the BlackBerry?

The new OS, called BBX, will merge existing BlackBerry elements with the QNX OS for phones and tablets that RIM acquired last year.

Windows Phone 'Mango' Launch Edges Closer

On the heels of a new iPhone launch, a top Microsoft exec is talking up Windows Phone 7.5, which is nearing its own commercial launch.

Samsung Antes Up for Android Patents

Microsoft and Samsung have signed a patent deal to keep one of the U.S.'s biggest smartphone makers from Android patent suits.

Tablet Sales Continue to Surge

Apple’s share of the tablet computer market has been declining this year but the market overall is primed to sell 63.6 million units, a 261.4 percent increase over 2010, according to Gartner.

RIM Earnings Slide, What's the Playbook Call for Now?

Blackberry maker's revenues and net income decline, as it plans for the future with patents and the PlayBook 2.0.

Will 'Mango' Go Out to Windows Phone Owners in September?

As the launch of the first major update to Windows Phone approaches, rumors fly as to when current users can update their phones.

Is a Shakeout Due for Smartphone OS Vendors?

A new report says that the move from feature phones to smartphones is about to trigger a major shift in who will lead the market a year or two down the road.

Will Nokia Show Its First Windows Phone in Mid-August?

A party that Microsoft and Nokia have planned in Germany later this month might be the place to see the first Windows Phone Nokia handset but the companies seem to be setting limited expectations.

Sales of Phones Up Again as Feature Phones Decline

Apple gains from customers' shift away from feature phones and the trend towards smartphones.

Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 'Mango' to Manufacturing

Microsoft appears to be right on schedule with the "Mango" update to Windows Phone 7.

Why You Need a Tablet PC

OK, you want a tablet PC, but do you really need one? We'll walk you through that decision process and help you decide what to buy.

Microsoft Says Tablets Part of the 'Ecosystem' Not a Different Beast

The president of Microsoft’s phone business explains why the company is focusing on Windows 8 for tablets instead of using Windows Phone.

Microsoft Collects Android Royalties from OEMs

Microsoft has been arguing that Android isn't 'free,' and as more Android OEMs sign on the dotted line to pay patent royalties, it's apparent it's convincing some makers that it's right.

Cisco Cius Tablet Set For Release

A year after first being announced Cisco details its Android Tablet hardware and debuts new AppHQ enterprise app store

Microsoft to Get Royalties From Another Android Device

Microsoft announces that another Android operating system vendor has agreed to pay it for use of patented technologies incorporated into the open source mobile OS.

Windows Phone to Beat Apple iOS in 2015

Lower prices for smartphones and data plans will help drive the growing rush for users to move off of feature phones.

iOS 5 Improves Browsing, Notifications and Updates

Apple is addressing a host of long-standing concerns while baking in new features such as integrated Twitter support.

Nokia to Ship New Windows Phones Every 2-3 Months

Once the Nokia juggernaut begins to roll with its first Windows Phones, look out below, because the Finnish phone manufacturer plans to roll out new devices every two or three months.

Microsoft Shows New 'Mango' Features

In classic Microsoft manner, the software giant held a gala to demo new features coming in the first major WP7 update, and promised to hold more events in the future.

Android Leads the Smartphone Pack

A new Gartner study reports rapid growth in smartphone use but so far Microsoft is not the recipient of mobile love.

Is the iPad 2 a Business Breakthrough?

The iPad 2 is a solid, if incremental, step forward, but don't expect a game- changer for mobile professionals

Google Rolls Out Its 'Chromebook' Netbook

Customers impatient to get their hands on Google's Chromebook portables have only one more month to wait.

Top iPad Travel Apps and Accessories

Is the iPad the ideal travel computer? Maybe if you accessorize it and invest in a few road-worthy apps.

Smartphone Sales Taking Off

According to IDC, the rankings of smartphone vendors held steady, despite almost doubling of sales in the first quarter.

Top 5 Mobile Phone Makers

The top five phone makers held their ground in 2011's first quarter, but gains by smaller manufacturers undercut some of their market share, according to IDC. Apple was a bright spot, says the research firm.

Dell's Aggressive Mobile Roadmap Includes Multiple Tablets

An website dedicated to the Android OS published what it says is Dell's secret mobile roadmap.

iPad Shipments Propel Apple Past HP to Top Mobile PC Position

Apple surges to the top spot in DisplaySearch rankings of mobile PC shipments in Q4, beating out HP and Acer.

Top 5 Tablet PCs: Compare and Contrast

We highlight all the key specs -- carriers, price, screen size and display type, connectivity and camera functionality -- of the iPad, the expected iPad 2, Xoom, PlayBook and Galaxy Tab.

4G Smartphone Spec Smackdown: How Do the Next-Gen Smartphones Compare?

We outline the due dates, carriers, prices and hot features of the new Android 2.2 4G smartphones -- HTC Thunderbolt, EVO Shift and Inspire, LG Revolution, Motorola Atrix 4G and Droid Bionic and Samsung Vibrant.

Android Tablet Review: ViewSonic ViewPad 7

We test out the 7-inch Android 2.2 tablet PC from ViewSonic and rate how it compares to the iPad and Galaxy Tab as well as highlight the pros, cons and mobile app performance.

Top 10 Tablets, Smartphones from CES

From the Atrix 4G to the Xoom, 4G Android smartphones and Honeycomb tablets generated the most buzz at the Consumer Electronics Show.

ASUS Presents 3 Android Honeycomb Tablets, 1 Wintel Slate

Let the tablet PC races begin -- ASUS jumps out of the gate at CES with a trio of impressive Honeycomb models and one running Windows 7.

What Will the Tablet PC Market Look Like in 2011?

The tablet PC market is about to get very crowded as competitors rush in to grab market share from Apple's iPad. We highlight the challengers and provide insight on how things will shake out in the coming year.

Mobile Computing Review: The Best iPad Cases

When Apple's tablet began shipping, there weren't many iPad cases to choose from. Today, you can wrap an iPad in everything from pink plastic to a red Etch a Sketch frame to Louis Vuitton logo leather.

Two Windows Phone 7 Updates Coming in 2011?

Microsoft is rumored to have two updates for Windows Phone 7 in the works for early next year, one on the heels of the other.

Rubin Demos Honeycomb Tablet, NFC on Nexus S with Gingerbread

Google's Andy Rubin showed off a prototype of a Motorola Android tablet PC as well as the Near Field Communications capabilities of the Nexus S, shipping next week with Android 2.3.

Acer Unveils Android Tablets, Smartphone

The computer vendor today showed off a slew of wireless goodies, including a feature-packed smartphone and two tablet PCs running the Android mobile operating system.

RIM Takes On Apple's iPad With Sub-$500 PlayBook

RIM CEO Jim Balsillie says the new tablet PC will be available in the first quarter, support Adobe Flash and will be primarily marketed to the enterprise.

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