Buyer's Guide to Notebook Computers for SMBs

If you're trying to decide how to best equip your mobile office workers with notebook computers, read our buyer's guide on selecting the best mobile computing devices for your business. We cover all the categories -- netbooks, ultra-portables, desktop replacements -- as well as price points and must-have specs.

As an entrepreneur, choosing the tools with which your small or mid-size business (SMB) will operate is among the most important capital expenditure decisions you will make. The computers you and your staff will use are no exception.

First, you should consider what specifications will best serve the application needs of the person using the computer. You don't want to pay for more capacity than you need. At the same time, you need to be certain the computer you buy will have the power to perform the tasks you require of it and to run the software upgrades you are likely to buy over the computer's lifespan of three or more years.

Small Business Mobile Computing Solutions: Select Your Category

If you're considering a notebook computer rather than a desktop, you've already decided that mobility is important to your business, but what sort of mobility you anticipate is just as important. You have to decide which category of notebook PC -- as determined by weight and size -- best fits your needs and working style. Notebook computers come in five categories: netbook, ultraportable, thin-and-light, mid-size and desktop replacement.

Netbooks are the smallest notebook PCs. Designed to be Internet companions for checking email and surfing the Web while on the go, they are small and light (typically 2.5 to 3 pounds). Though limited in processing power and RAM, netbooks are an excellent choice for mobile workers who only need access to email and the occasional Web page.

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