Mobile Management Guide to the Mobile Database Market

Our comprehensive overview of the top players in the mobile database market -- including SQL Server Compact, Oracle Database Lite and IBM DB2 Everyplace -- is a must-read for mobile IT considering which product will meet their mobile management needs.

Information at your fingertips is becoming more the norm than the exception. Businesses crunched by the economy or squeezed by competition look to mobile computing to gain competitive advantage, reduce waste, speed up processes, and increase customer service.

Several mobile database products compete in this market space for inclusion in business and consumer applications. This report examines the top contenders: Microsoft SQL Server Compact, IBM DB2 Everyplace, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Oracle Database Lite, and SQLite.

SQL Server Compact

The embedded database offering from Microsoft is SQL Server Compact (SQL CE). The current edition of this lightweight database engine is 3.5 SP2. With a footprint of less than 2MB of disk space and 5MB of memory, SQL CE is capable of running on any Microsoft Windows embedded, mobile, desktop, or server operating system.

Despite SQL CE having a different codebase from other editions of the popular RDBMS, it integrates with the same development, design, and management tools. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio can be used to manage SQL CE implementations and Microsoft Visual Studio (including the latest release, 2010) can be used to embed SQL CE into applications.


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