Mobile Database Management for Mobile Devices

Crunched by the economy and squeezed by competition, businesses and consumers alike are turning to mobile computing. This report wraps up our overview of the top contenders in the mobile database market with a look at Sybase SQL Anywhere, which now supports the iPhone, and SQLite.

SQL Anywhere

Sybase, makers of SQL Anywhere, just announced version 12 of their mobile database. Some of the new features and improvements with this version are support for spatial data, language extensions, performance improvements, support for the iPhone, read-only scale-out (read-only query isolation), central administration of remote databases, and much more. (This is a complete list of new features in version 12 of SQL Anywhere).

This sophisticated embedded database can support thousands of users. The database can hold hundreds of gigabytes of data and process up to 20,000 transactions per minute. It has robust capabilities including xml support, more advanced data types such as spatial (as previously mentioned), OLAP, and materialized views to name a few. Support for stored procedures and triggers is also included as is transaction support and full-text search. ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB, and other connection protocols are supported. Special drivers are available for PERL and PHP.

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