Mobile Management Software Eases Fragmentation Fiasco for CIOs

Visage Mobile today rolled out an update to its mobile management software that offers an improved user interface, better mobile security and a scalable platform.

Mobile IT departments are under pressure to manage multiple mobile devices in the workplace running different operating systems as more employees begin to use their own smartphones and tablets for business.

"The mobility environment in IT today is completely chaotic, you've got Android 1.5 to 2.2 out there, BlackBerrys, iPhones. Our web-based solution is platform agnostic.

"We have a number of trucking companies for instance, that have customized ruggedized devices that mount on the dashboard of the truck, and utility companies that use machine-to-machine data, say for reading a meter, and we can help with those types of devices, plus smartphones on different operating systems, tablets or a netbook with an AirCard," Tim Weingarten, CEO of Visage Mobile, told EnterpriseMobileToday.com.

Through its software-as-a-service delivery model, Visage Mobile's MobilityCentral solution can be up and running in days, according to the company, and is designed to help mobile IT by tracking how many mobile devices a company has, which employee has what device and how much the company spends each month on wireless service.

The goal: to significantly reduce costs by eliminating wireless overspend and reducing the time and effort required to process carrier invoices and track inventory. MobilityCentral can also assist in managing corporate mobility policies and ensuring compliance.

Mobile management made easy

Key features of the MobilityCentral Fall 2010 release include:
  • an improved UI;

  • enhanced navigation and dashboards to provide a better user experience;

  • updated informational icons to provide contextual, online help throughout the application;

  • enhanced login security;

  • ability to take bulk action with reconciliation to improve process efficiency;

  • automated device profile creation to add new devices into inventory;

  • visual indicator to show when a user, device or billing record is in reconciliation

  • better inventory tracking;

  • enhanced detail on feature downloads to highlight premium services and potential out-of-policy usage;

  • more visibility into Move/Add/Change/Delete (MACD) events to better track the constant updates to devices and wireless service;

  • enhanced device history to allow for more visibility on changes;

  • platform upgrades

  • creation of server clusters and enhancements to backend systems support scale in customers and data; and

  • improved scalability due to back-end improvements.

    "With over 11,500 employees, it was becoming increasingly difficult to track and process multiple wireless carrier billing statements and inventory for devices, plans and features across the employee base," Jackie Neeley, mobile device administrator at Beckman Coulter, said in a statement. "With MobilityCentral, I can log in and immediately access dashboards that show the state of my mobility program, including cross-carrier spend data and metrics, and employee usage and spend. From the dashboards, I can drill down into the details as needed. Combined with its reporting capabilities, MobilityCentral saves our business an impressive amount of time and money."

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