Mobile Business Intel to Skyrocket Next Two Years

Business intelligence is a hot trend in general, and the mobile sector will play an important role in this emerging market for the enterprise. One analyst, who believes tablets and mobile devices will eventually replace laptops, says mobile business intelligence is slated to take off over the next two years. If the end of 2010 and first quarter are any indication, that sounds right, as we'll see the launch of Android tablets from Cisco, ViewSonic, LG and others joining the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, BlackBerry PlayBook, and of course, the iPad.

Nearly 90 percent of companies think mobile business intelligence is important, according to a new mobile BI study by analyst Howard Dresner.

But what surprised Dresner about his findings wasn't the 52 percent of companies who think mobile BI is very or critically important or the 37 percent who find it somewhat important, but the 11 percent who remain uninterested. "You've got to wonder about them," he quipped.

Dresner said tablets and mobiles devices — particularly Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone and iPad — are making mobile BI not only possible, but essential. Tablets in particular "are a huge deal for BI," he said. "The form factor concern goes away."

As a result, he sees laptops eventually going away, replaced by devices like his Dell Streak. "I think we're about to see a burst of innovation," Dresner told eCRM Guide.

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Mobile Business Intelligence: The Next Big Thing


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