5 Key Emerging Trends in the Mobile Cloud Sector

Cloud computing and mobile technology are intersecting in so many ways that the next emerging trend is the "mobile cloud." Even though the mobile cloud is still in its infancy, mobile IT should be up on the latest mini-trends coming out of this hot sector in order to prepare for the future. Here we outline five pertinent mobile cloud issues that the tech industry will be seeing more of in the coming year.

If I asked you to pick the most over-hyped technology trend of the past year, you’d probably pick either “cloud computing” or “smartphones and tablets.” Pretty much every tech publication has wall-to-wall coverage of those trends, while plenty of vendors are busily slapping “cloud” and “mobile” on a slew of products that are only vaguely so.

The thing about these so-called over-hyped trends, though, is that they really aren’t. In the build up to the Super Bowl, you will see exhaustive coverage of the Steelers and Packers, and, sure, there’s way more hype than I’d prefer, even as an expatriate Pittsburgher and rabid Steeler fan. But are those teams really over-hyped when they’re at the top of the NFL heap?

Similarly, cloud computing and mobile get more than their fair share of attention, but on the other hand, investment dollars are flowing into cloud and mobile companies; startups are popping up like weeds, and plenty of incumbents such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and IBM (to name only a few), are betting big on these trends.

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Mobile Cloud Computing: 5 Key Trends


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