Mobile Device Management Firm Zenprise: Push Mobile Apps to Android Tablets, Smartphones

Mobile device management software firm Zenprise today is introducing a new push technology feature for Android tablets and smartphones that allows IT to provision applications, video and documents directly to Android mobile devices, as well as upgrade existing applications.

Zenprise's Enterprise App Store enables mobile IT to quickly configure and provision enterprise applications on Android smartphones and tablets via the push technology.

Mobile apps and presentations can also be automatically pushed to users based on a their department, title or role within the organization, while detailed reporting capabilities allow IT administrators to identify all applications installed on users' devices.

The news comes at a time when many industry watchers -- including Zenprise's marketing chief Ahmed Datoo -- believe the laptop is going to eventually be phased out by tablets, many of which will run the mobile OS Android.

The popularity of consumer-owned and corporate-issued Android devices entering the workplace is comparable only to the rise in Apple smartphones and tablets, says Datoo, citing a North American financial services provider BMO Capital Markets report saying that the number of Android tablets expected to ship in the second half of 2011 will match those of Apple's iPad.

"The laptop is dead. Tablets will replace the laptop as sales teams who need to do email and presentations, but not a lot of other computing, will prefer a tablet. There's a better ROI for the company, and we're already seeing this with some clients," said Datoo.

He showed how the software allows for mobile IT to push a sales presentation from the Zenprise Device Manager dashboard to all the mobile devices pegged to recieve it with just a few mouse clicks.

To further help these mobile office workers, Zenprise is also rolling out a tool called Zenprise Remote Control.Help desk personnel can remotely connect and view a user's smartphone or tablet screen as if the device was in the palm of their hand.

Mobile IT can then use a Task Manager function to view system resources such as memory or power that are affected by applications and remotely kill tasks that are consuming too many resources or pose a security risk. A Remote Chat feature allows IT to initiate chat sessions over a secure connection with a user who needs help.

The Remote Control for Android basically provides the same tools that Zenrprise already offers for the BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile OS and work with Android 1.6 and up.


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