Wireless Carrier Review: Millicom

Millicom International Cellular, S.A. is the parent company of Tigo, a high-speed broadband and telecommunications service that serves Latin American and African markets. Tigo mobile offerings include several notable wireless for business services.

Millicom employs more than 21,000 workers, dispersed among its subsidiaries and joint ventures and serves around 55 million mobile customers. 

Though the company was founded in Luxembourg in 1990.

This Millicom profile provides details on the company’s enterprise mobile services and features provided through the Tigo brand as awell as its target geographic markets and industries, partners, users opinions, industry recognition and financial position:

Wireless solutions

Through its Tigo brand, Millicom offers a variety of business wireless solutions within each geographical market, including services like:

  • Cloud operations

  • Corporate-owned device programs

  • Mobile solutions for employee-owned (BYOD) devices

  • Push messaging capabilities

  • Cloud to device SMS

  • Enterprise antivirus solutions

  • Remote worker connectivity tools

Millicom logo.Tigo Business offers several unlimited mobile plans in each market that offer extensive long distance coverage. All-inclusive plans include smart apps that can improve employee productivity and allow management to provide better oversight of employee mobile usage. Tigo-to-Tigo mobile connections are free with all plans. 

Of note for enterprises following BYOD policies is a dual-SIM option in some markets. In addition to expanding the international reach of the plans, the dual-SIM approach allows employees to use their own phones securely without mixing corporate data with their own personal data (and vice versa). 

The company also offers customized solutions based on specific business needs — companies will need to contact Tigo directly to determine which grouping of services is the best fit. For example, for enterprises that need to centralize resources for remote workers, Tigo offers mobility plans coupled with connectivity features like VPN, cloud messaging and secure online conferencing capabilities.

Target geographic markets

Millicom operates in one country in Africa and nine countries in Latin American:

  • Bolivia

  • Colombia

  • Costa Rica

  • El Salvador

  • Guatemala

  • Honduras

  • Nicaragua

  • Panama 

  • Paraguay
  • Tanzania

Target industries

Tigo Business partners with enterprises in each market from a wide range of industries. Throughout its Latin America and African markets, the company partners with businesses in the following industries:

  • Agriculture

  • Tech

  • Logistics

  • Customer service call centers

  • Banking

  • Government organizations

  • Nonprofits

Tigo also works with enterprises that have large-scale connectivity needs for remote-based workers, an area that grew exponentially during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to mobility solutions, the company provides cloud-based services and features that connect employees and integrate technology like IoT reporting and remote customer service functions. 


Prominent Millicom/Tigo partnerships include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Ericsson

  • Netflix

  • Parallel Wireless

  • Affirmed Networks

  • Paramount+

  • Google

  • Microsoft

  • Various Latin American and African government entities

  • TalkDesk CX Cloud

User opinion

Users at Gartner Peer Insights give Tigo Business a 3.5 out of 5.0 rating in its Global Enterprise Mobility category. Users give the company high marks for areas like Evaluation and Contracting, Planning and Transition and Delivery and Execution. While a few reviewers remark on what they consider relatively high prices, many responses include positive remarks about customer service and the company’s range of mobile coverage throughout Latin America, especially. 

Less formally, Millicom’s various Tigo Business offerings are frequently mentioned on user forums as among the best options in markets like Guatemala, Colombia and Paraguay. Users cite qualities like accessibility, advanced technology not available through other providers and flexible plans that account for specific business needs. 

Industry recognition

Millicom/Tigo has received many industry awards and positive accolades, including these recent recognitions:

  • 2020 Uptime Institute recognitions for data center design and facilities

  • 2020 Latin America SABRE Awards, Top Geographic Campaign

  • 2020 Reuters Responsible Business Award

  • 2018 recognition by Colombian government as an Anti Corruption Active Company, one of 18 companies throughout the country to be recognized and the only telecommunications brand

  • 2017 Great Place to Work survey, 20th place out of all Latin American companies

  • 2015 AfriCom Awards, CEO of the Year 

Financial position 

In its annual year-end financial report, Millicom reported revenue of $4.1 billion USD for Fiscal Year 2020, down from $4.3 billion in 2019, but an increase from 2018, when the company reported an annual revenue of $3.9 billion. Colombia and Guatemala reported the highest revenue among the nine international markets served by Millicom and Tigo Business. Combined results from these two countries made up more than half the company’s annual revenue in 2020. 

Millicom CEO Maurico Ramos was upbeat in remarks featured in the report, citing the unusual circumstances of 2020 as a contributing factor to the decrease. Millicom’s mobile focus is especially promising. The company reported 10.5 million smartphone customers in 2018, 15.4 million in 2019 and a markedly higher 20.2 million in 2020. 

Fitch Ratings gives Millicom a BB+ rating and considers the company a stable investment. Industry analysts in general rate Millicom positively in terms of its financial strength. CNN Business, for example, currently recommends Millicom as a good investment, giving it a “buy” recommendation for investors. 

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