Mobile IT Guide to 21 Enterprise iPad Apps

While mobile downloads for the iPhone will work on Apple's hot new mobile device, the iPad, many mobile application developers are creating mobile apps specifically for the mobile computing tablet. With that in mind, we highlight the features of 21 awesome iPad apps for the enterprise.

Though there's certainly much controversy about the iPad, there are many business professionals -- perhaps like you -- that have trooped out and bought one. Like the iPhone and iPod Touch, the real power is in the apps. This might be especially true for the iPad, where apps might be able to help make up for some of the lacking features: no multi-tasking, non-existent USB and SD, no phone or texting, and missing Flash support for the Web browser.

Remember, all iPhone and iPod Touch apps should install and work on the iPad. However, given the bigger screen and feature differences, many developers are releasing another version specifically designed for the iPad. Most of the 21 apps you're going to read about here are already adapted.

Sharing & Collaboration

1. Air Sharing HD

As you may know too well already, the iPad lacks a USB port, SD slot, or any removable storage support. Besides the $29 adapter kit, the Wi-Fi or 3G connection is pretty much all you have to transfer documents, photos, and other files in and out of the iPad. This $9.99 app leverages the Wi-Fi connectivity to make accessing and transferring files easy. It lets you mount the iPad as a drive on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer so you can drag and drop files. Additionally, its web-based interface lets you access the iPad from any web browser.

2. Skype

Though the iPad isn't a phone, you can make and receive calls via the Internet phone provider Skype when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Remember, calls to or from other Skype users are free and unlimited landline/mobile calling is only a couple bucks a month. At the time of this writing, Skype is still working on 3G support and an app specifically designed for the iPad.

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