Mobile App Trend: Mobile VoIP Downloads Surging

Mobile VoIP is a hot trend in wireless and shows no signs of slowing down, according to the fast clip of mobile VoIP app downloads. Read about the factors that are fueling the surge.

Market research firm In-Stat is predicting a banner year for downloads of VoIP smartphone applications.

In its newly released report on worldwide smartphone applications for the first half of 2010, the company predicts 128 million VoIP application downloads this year, generating service revenues of $2.9 billion.

That would make VoIP downloads the second-fasted growing element within the broader category of communications downloads. Only microblogging downloads are growing at a faster rate.

The leaders within the category remain the workhorses of communications: E-mail, instant messaging, and social media.

Vice President of Research Frank Dickson said the swift acceptance of VoIP downloads should continue at a brisk clip. By 2013 mobile VoIP will generate $3.2 billion in service revenues, driven by some 278 million registered users.

The rise of Wi-Fi-capable handsets could boost mobile VoIP, as people turn to Wi-Fi as a means for bypassing cellular networks. Continued rollouts of data-centric WiMAX and LTE will also drive adoption.

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