Mobile Download Guide: 15 Android Apps for the Enterprise

Though Android smartphones are just now trickling into the enterprise, that doesn't mean there aren't mobile apps designed for business. Here we offer key features of 15 productivity Android apps for your mobile office workers.

I recently asked a Google spokesperson about how Android devices stack up in the enterprise. She insisted that the Linux mobile Android OS is primarily designed to power consumer devices -- for now. “We plan to support more enterprise applications and features on top of our existing structure in the future, but we don’t have anything specific to share at this time,” she said.

However, just because Google is focused on the consumer doesn’t mean that Android developers are. Plenty of business- and enterprise-specific Android apps have already launched. Here’s a look at 15 of the most compelling ones, all currently available in the Android Marketplace.

1. TripIt: Having used TripIt to stay organized during several trips over the past few months, I can vouch for its effectiveness. You simply forward your travel confirmation emails (airline, hotel, rental car, restaurant reservations, etc.) to TripIt and it will create a master itinerary for you. TripIt synchs with your calendar and social networking sites, emails alerts to colleagues, provides maps and route details and sets alarms so you don’t forget to arrive at the airport with enough time to suffer through the security line. The Pro version will track your frequent flier miles and rewards points, alert you of such nuisances as gate changes or delays, and help you find an alternate flight in the event that yours has been canceled.

Cost: Basic: free. Pro: $69/year.

2. Gist: Gist is another social networking for business app. However, unlike most of these me-too apps, which I actively avoid, I’ve actually downloaded and started using Gist. The Gist Android app gives users “complete business profiles for their contacts including updates from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, mentions in the news, and email correspondences across multiple inboxes. Presented in context around an upcoming meeting or recent status update, Gist puts the most important information about contacts at a user’s fingertips.”

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