50 Mobile Apps for Productivity on the iPad

August saw the introduction of a slew of new Android-powered tablet PCs, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab and news of a dual-boot portable computing device coming from ViewSonic, but the Apple iPad still rules the roost in the sector. Part of the success of the mobile device comes from its vast inventory of mobile applications. Here are 50 iPad mobile downloads for mobile office workers that will make your iPad -- and you -- more productive courtesy of Datamation.

Yes, iPad apps can boost your productivity. If you think the Apple iPad is only good for checking e-mail and watching Netflix videos, think again. Yes, you can ditch your notebook and do real work on the iPad.

Here are the 50 best iPad apps for business and productivity -- many of which are free.

1) 2 Screens ($4.99): A fantastic presentation tool, 2 Screens lets you mirror your iPad's display on a larger screen, or show material on your iPad using your iPhone as a remote (with the 2 Screens Remote app).

2) Air Sharing HD ($9.99): Always have the documents you need. Air Sharing HD lets you mount your iPad with your computer wirelessly, so you can load your files. It also prints most document formats.

3) AudioNote ($4.99): AudioNote combines written notes and audio notes, letting you write notes on the screen while recording a synchronized audio track. Play back just the sections you need to review.

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50 iPad Apps for Getting Stuff Done


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