Android App Roundup: Mobile Downloads for Work, Play

Just because the Apple App Store has a vast inventory of mobile apps, doesn't mean that there aren't any awesome Android mobile downloads. But with the Android Marketplace at about 80,000 strong, it can take some time to find them. To help, LinuxPlanet.com has compiled a list of Android apps that cover all the bases, from productivity to social networking to entertainment.

The huge number of apps available for Android is both a joy and something of a trial. Finding an app that does the thing you want can be something of a hit-and-miss experience. Here's a roundup of a few of the most useful ones.

Working on the command line

ConnectBot is one of the classics for the Android-using geek: a very usable SSH client. It allows you to set a passphrase, works very smoothly with the soft keyboard, and even has good documentation.

The ASTRO file manager fills a big hole in Android, allowing you to manage the files on your SD card, back up applications, send files as attachments, and work with compressed files. An excellent app that I wouldn't be without, although unfortunately the free version does have ads at the bottom.

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A Roundup of Geeky, Useful and Fun Android Apps


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