Mobile Download Guide to 50 Free Android Apps

The mobile Linux OS Android continues to generate buzz and grab market share, especially with the recent news of Android tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, coming out this fall. In the meanwhile, though, if you have an Android-powered smartphone, there's still plenty of goodies to take advantage of in the way of free mobile apps. Here we highlight 50 fantastic, free Android Apps for you to enjoy, covering everything from productivity to entertainment.

A free Android app is a wonderful thing. The problem is, the Android App Marketplace is a bit freewheeling, and it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Lucky for you, we've done the job for you.

So let the downloading begin. Yes, you heard right -- all of these fantastic 50 are completely free Android apps. Think of them as the best free apps the Android Marketplace has to offer.

1) ASTRO File Manager

This app is a full-featured file manager that lets you view and manage the files on your Droid without having to plug it into your computer. You can even use it to backup your Android apps to your SD card.

2) EStrongs File Explorer

This local and network file manager provides a file explorer for both the local phone and your remote computer. You can view files on your phone and in your computer's shared folder and transfer files between them. You can even play audio and video, browse images and view text.

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50 Fantastic Free Android Apps


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