Mobile Download Guide: 30 iPhone Apps to Help Educators Manage Classrooms

You're an IT manager for a school district, college, or university and -- with the coming of fall-- school is back in session. As is the case in other professions and industries, many of the educators you support have returned from vacation with an iPhone or iPod touch in tow.



So what are you to do when they start asking questions about their mobile devices?

Well, here's an idea: Rather than view these smartphones as a distractions--which happens to be the way most teachers, professors, and administrators themselves regard their students' mobiles--why not use these inquiries as an opportunity to gently guide educators toward using their iPhones as effective tools to manage their classes.

Below is a comprehensive list of mobile apps for the iPhone to help you do just that. In it you'll find downloads that'll help educators take attendance, give lectures and presentations, grade, interact with students, and much more.

The compiled apps range in price from free to $30.99. Sure, each and every one won't apply equally to the needs of every educator. However, with the right combination of applications installed, the iPhone and iPod touch can easily become tools to help the teachers and professors you support to manage their classrooms more efficiently and smoothly and--last but not least--enhance the learning experience for their students.

In a follow up article, we'll cover downloads that address the latter in great detail. It'll compile a range of apps geared toward helping college students and those looking to advance their careers through professional education and training to get more out of their Apple-run mobile devices for learning and studying purposes.

As an addendum, we'll also present a number of what we'll call fact-based and word-of-the day type apps teachers will find useful--not just as enhancements to the education of their students, which they certainly can be used for, but also for their own ongoing edification.



Air Sharing ($2.99, download) - Handy app that lets you easily share documents (i.e. assignments, exams) and files between your iPhone and desktop.

Attendance ($3.99, download) - Take and maintain attendance records for your classes in the palm of your hand; syncs with desktop and enables you to create reports and follow up with missing students via email.

Blackboard Mobile Learn (free, download) - Mobile companion to Blackboard's Web-based teaching and learning solution that, if enabled by your school, will allow your iPhone to access announcements, course blogs, discussion boards, grades and other content in the Blackboard system.

Creative Whack Pack ($1.99, download) - In a rut and tired of teaching your classes and courses in the same old way? Then this app, which contains 84 strategies to stimulate creativity, just might the ticket to get you back on track.



Date Wheel ($2.99, download) - Calculator to calculate the time between any pair of dates in days (or business days), weeks, or months with the ability to save your calculations on your iPhone. It is a useful tool to have on hand when you need to determine when exactly to give that next test or figure how much time to provide students for a particular project.

Dexy ($2.99, download) - Note taker that uses the tried and true text-card metaphor for organizing ideas and thoughts. Let's you share cards via email and includes free backup storage online.

DropBox (free, download) - App for those with an account with the cloud-based file sharing and storage service of the same name. DropBox mobile provides for the viewing, saving, and sharing of documents and files of all types on your iPhone; allows you to share these files with other apps and to bookmark favorite files for quicker access.



Educate (free, download) - Works with Google Docs to allow teachers to keep track of classes by enabling them to import and export data on student progress and attendance, maintain a class schedule at a glance, and communicate with students via email or phone. Also includes links to elearning resources on the Web, the ability to take and tag pictures, a voice recorder, and more.

Edutecher (free, download) - Access, watch and share educational content, including eduTecherTV webisodes, in all subject areas.

eClicker Host - ($9.99, download) - Wi-Fi based system that offers educators a way easily poll and receive real-time feedback from students during class time.

Essay Grader ($1.99, download) - Promises to make it easier for teachers to provide students with feedback on essays, and in less time to boot. Let's you email or export comment sheets and includes pre-written yet seditable comments.

Evernote (free, download) - A voice, text, and image-based note taking and organization app for folks, including all you educators out there, bursting with ideas; syncs with desktop and the Web and - best of all - is free.



GradePad ($2.99, download) - Manage and track the performance of a group(s) of students during the school year.

IEP Checklist (free, download) -Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center sponsored application to aid teachers and parents in the creation of individual education plans for special needs students.

iGrade ($7.99, download) - Highly regarded educator-designed app places an all-encompassing grade book (including the ability to analyze and report grades) right on a teacher's iPhone.

iResponse ($0.99, download) - When used in conjunction with the iResponse Classroom Responder System desktop software, this app allows teachers and professors to turn their classrooms and lectures into interactive experiences that enables students to - for example - instantly answer and provide feedback on


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