Mobile Management Guide: Everything Mobile IT Needs to Deploy the iPad as Data Center Tool

The iPad was not launched with uber-enterprise productivity in mind -- but that doesn't mean it's not capable of acting like a super computer. We show you everything you need to know to convert your iPad from mobile device to data center extraordinaire.

Looking up the latest sports scores, having a round of Foosball HD, or listening to your favorite NPR program is not the best business use case for your iPad. However, with a few taps, you can convert it from a toy to an ultra-mobile support tablet suitable for real data center work. Even Gartner agrees, noting in a recent blog post, "The iPad is delivering real value at personal, professional, organizational and executive levels, and is a leading indicator of future end-user device approaches."

That's right, for a few dollars from the App Store, your iPad can pay for itself by entering the hallowed security locks at your data center. A few swipes and taps bring you apps that connect to UNIX, Linux, Windows and Macs. Those apps, plus the trusty Safari web browser, provide you with everything you need to fully support a contemporary environment.

The iPad, now available from retail chain stores from $499 to $829, is a lightweight (1.5lb), 9.7-inch screen, fully capable computer. The only caveat is that you'll need a DHCP Server and Wi-Fi or 3G access within your data center to make it work, since the iPad is a 100-percent untethered device.

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