Mobile Download Guide: iPhone Apps for Project Management & Collaboration

Few businesses or other endeavors succeed without the ability for participants to collaborate and communicate effectively. Advances in technology throughout the years—from the invention of the wheel onward to the development of the telegraph, telephone, computer, Internet, personal computer, fax machine, laptop, PDA and - most recently - the smartphone and tablet—has not only made it easier for people to work together in greater numbers than ever before, but to do so ever-more efficiently and harmoniously.

The iPhone delivers on the promises of all the technologies mentioned above. It is more powerful than even some recent computers, nearly as connected to the Internet as any other device (save for Adobe Flash compatibility) and as mobile as any other handheld. But how great a tool is Apple's smartphone for empowering workgroup and project collaboration, communications and the management?

Well, it all depends on what apps you and your organization choose to install. You can pretty much perform any function with an iPhone that you can with a desktop or notebook computer—with the advantage that the iPhone is far more mobile and a couple of disadvantages; particularly in the form of its diminutive display, compared to a laptop or tablet, and - for example - the aforementioned lack of Flash support , which is still--even with Steve Jobs and company's notable disdain for the technology--the most common platform for delivering video and animation on the Web.


A workgroup can, for instance, use their iPhones to edit, share, and collaborate on the same documents, all of which have been stored remotely at a particular destination in the cloud. Or a team leader can use her iPhone to manage projects by tracking its progress, making sure everyone stays on the same page, and modifying or assigning new duties to individuals and groups as needed. There are also tools to hold virtual meetings and conferences and to streamline the text, audio and - to a lesser extent - visual communication between team members.

The apps listed below range in price from free to $19.99. Many are standalone, while others turn the iPhone into a front end or client for specific project management (i.e. Outpost 2) and conferencing (i.e. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center) platforms or, for example, remote storage services such as Box.net or Dropbox.

AT&T Connect Mobile (Free, download) - Attend AT&T Connect web or audio conferences; view whiteboard content and exchange public or private notes during meetings.

Beejive IM ($9.99, download) - An IM client that supports just about every major instant messaging protocol out there: AIM/MobileMe, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, Facebook, MySpace and Jabber.

Box.net (Free, download) - Remotely store, access, edit and share documents and files with members of your workgroup. Cloud-based service provides 5GB of storage for free.

Byline ($4.99, download) - RSS reader that ties into your free Google Reader account to keep you up to date on web site and blog news; content caches so you read it even when you're not connected to the Internet. A free version (download) is available for those who don't mind putting up with ads.


Cisco WebEx Meeting Center (Free, download) - Mobile Client enables iPhone users to take part in, schedule and even start WebEx online meetings; chat and interact with other attendees and view document, applications and the live annotations of screen-shares.

Connexions ($1.99 download) - An address book with advanced group management and messaging functions; create, edit, delete and sort individual or multiple groups and contacts.

Documents To Go Premium - Office Suite ($16.99, download) - This edition of the old mobile standby not only allows you to view and edit of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, it enables groups to collaborate on these documents through cloud-based remote storage services such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.net, iDisk and SugarSync from within the application.

Dropbox (Free, download) - Sync and share files and documents across multiple mobile devices and desktop computers; service starts free for 2GB of storage, with paid upgrades reaching as high as 100GB.

Droppler ($1.99, download) - Mobile client for Drop.io account, which allows you to share notes, audio and photos originated on an iPhone with others.

eBuddy Messenger (Free, download) - Highly-rated IM client integrates all your instant messaging platforms into a single buddy list. Pro edition ($4.99, download) ups the feature set with themes, seven days of push notifications and more.

eVoice (Free, download) - Manage your eVoice voicemail and calls from your iPhone; global inbox allows admins to view everyone's messages in a single folder.

ezShare Pro ($15.99, download) - Control your Mac, Windows or Linux desktop from an iPhone; access, transfer and share multiple files across more than one server at a time, with or without encryption.

Facebook (Free, download) - The number one social network for consumers is also the top social media destination for businesses; essential app to lets you manage your personal, business and workgroup profiles as well as chat with friends and colleagues.

fring: Video Calls + IM (Free, download) - Stay connected with team members using this all-purpose VoIP, instant messaging and video calling app.

Gist (Free, download) - Plugs into a variety of social networks plus your various address books and inboxes to keep you abreast of what's happening with your professional contacts all in one place.


GmailApp (Free, download) - An improvement over the iPhone's default Mail app for Gmail users; chat baked right into program.

gogoDocs Google Docs Reader ($2.99, download) - Create, read, edit, manage and synchronize files - including audio and video - with a Google Docs account.

Good for Enterprise (Free, download) - Syncs Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino email, calendar and contacts, pushed through Good Technology's enterprise messaging and mobile device management platform, directing to the iPhone.

Group Email! ($0.99, download) - Low-cost solution for easily sending messages with attachments to any group or selection of contacts you want via custom-made distribution lists.

Group Text (Free, download) - Hold an unlimited number of free SMS conversations with groups of friends or coworkers; include photos and your location with your messages.

Huddle (Free, download) - Login to your a Huddle account to manage projects, collaborate with others, share files, take part in discussions, view presentations and more.

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler Companion (Free, download) - On-device app serves as a gateway to synchronize Domino messages with your iPhone through your company's Lotus Notes Traveler server.

IBM Lotus iNotes Ultralite (Free, download) - Browser-based client delivers Lotus Notes messages, calendars and contacts to the iPhone.

iAnywhere Mobile Office (Free, download) - Works with iAnywhere Mobile Office server to push (and encrypt) Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange email, calendaring, tasks and contacts to iPhone.

IM+ ($2.99, download) - All-purpose individual or group chat app that supports GTalk, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Jabber and Skype text, as well as voice, photo and/or video messaging.

iManage WorkSite Mobility (Free, download) - Gives organizations with a WorkSite Mobility Server license a way to provide team members with access to documents, workspaces and folders from their iPhones, even when offline.


InSight - Basecamp on iPhone ($9.99, download) - A mobile client for the popular Basecamp project management platform--view all active and archived projects delegate; assign and track tasks; message and communicate with the workgroup; etc.

Iterate ($2.99, download) - Client for the Pivotal Tracker project management platform; manage multiple projects simultaneously and exchange comments with members of your team; requires a network connection, as offline viewing isn't supported.

iThoughts ($7.99, download) - Tool to help you visualize ideas and plan projects; integrates and syncs with cloud-based storage services and several similar desktop applications, including Freemind/Freeplane, Novamind, MindManager and others.

Lifetopix ($3.99, download) - An all-purpose task, project and information manager with calendar.

MightyMeeting (Free, download) - Manage, view and share an online repository of PowerPoint presentations from your iPhone.

Multiple Email Signatures Pro ($4.99, download) - Create and use multiple email signatures--with or without your picture and company logo--for different business and personal needs.

NotifyLink Enterprise Server ActiveSync (learn more) - Server leverages Microsoft ActiveSync technology to push/sync Exchange data to the iPhone's native Mail, Calendar, and Contact applications.

Outpost 2 ($19.99, download) - Another on-device client for the Basecamp project management platform; manage multiple accounts and projects from your iPhone.

Power.ME ($9.99, download) - Record keeper helps you track tasks and collaborate on documents and projects.

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite ($9.99, download) - The collaborative version of that other popular and long-running mobile suite to access, view, edit and share Microsoft Office compatible documents and files located in the cloud and on your iPhone.

RingCentral Mobile (Free, download) - Take calls, listen to voice messages and send and receive faxes for the cloud-based RingCentral phone system for business.

SCOPIA Mobile (Free, download) - Use your iPhone to manage and take part in audio and video conferences and virtual meetings.

Share Board ($5.99, download) - Whiteboard platform that wirelessly hooks up to four collaborators over a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.


SimpleMind eXpress (Free, download) - No-cost mind mapping and brainstorming solution to help you visual and organize ideas, projects and workgroups.

Skype (Free, download) - Save money and stay connected with colleagues with the iPhone edition of the popular VoIP calling (audio and video) and messaging solution.

Smart Groups ($0.99, download) - This address book helps your organize your contacts into different groups, either manually or on the fly.

Socialcast (Free, download) - A mobile client for those with accounts to Socialcast, a microblogging service like Twitter; expect rather than being universal, Socialcast is an enterprise platform where communities are composed of companies or employee workgroups.

Soonr (Free, download) - A mobile companion for those with accounts on Soonr.com; a cloud-based workspace where colleagues can access, view, search, print their PC or Mac files and collaborate on projects online.

Track-r (Free, download) - Another mobile client for the Pivotal Tracker project management and real-time collaboration platform: This one uses Rhomobile's Rhosync technology to synchronize data onto your iPhone so you can work offline. Not the highest rated Pivotal Tracker app, but it is the only one that's free.

Tweetdeck (Free, download) - Syncs with desktop edition of the popular twitter client; manage multiple accounts and create groups to follow and share tweets with specific sets of friends. For an alternative, check out Twitterific (free, download), a mobile Twitter client that many folks swear by for its elegance and simplicity.

Tungle (Free, download) - Calendar and meeting scheduler that works alone or with desktop and online systems such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac and Lotus Notes.

TXTcrypt (Free, download) - Encrypts text and email messages and notes to keep the data contained therein private between users; must know the password to decode an encrypted message.

Yammer (Free, download) - Collaborate, share and connect with other employees on your company's Yammer-based social network.


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