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iRadiology (free, download) - Learning app for residents and medical students that provides a review of classic radiology cases; sports over 500 images that demonstrate a large range of abnormalities.

MCAT Prep Chemistry ($9.99, download) * MCAT Prep Bio ($9.99, download) * MCAT Prep Physics ($9.99, download) *MCAT Review ($19.99, download)- Diagnostic and preparatory apps for the MCAT test for getting into medical school. First three apps cover individual sections; the last one listed is a comprehensive download with 1500 pages of material.

MedicalRadio (free, download) - Streams content from ReachMD's Sirius-XM satellite radio channel (XM 160), which features content for both general practitioners and specialists, as well audio from over 5,000 medical-related podcasts.

Med Mnemonics ($1.99, download) - Sports over 1400 acronyms, rhymes, and memory tricks to help you remember topics including anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, surgery, etc.


MedRef ($0.99, download) - App for medical students and residents with normal lab values, pointers on how to write service notes, and other reference material for when making rounds in wards and clinics.

MedPage Today Mobile (free, download) - Puts breaking medical news audio and video reports, as well as free CME/CE posttests in the palm of healthcare pros' hands.


MSK Radiology Teaching File - LITE (free, download) - App for exam preparation or reference purposes. LITE version includes 10 cases—with images, diagrams, questions and answers, and text--compared to the far more comprehensive full edition ($4.99, download).

NeuroMind (free, download) - For medical students and neurological/neurosurgical residents, this app includes anatomical pictures (with legend), differential diagnosis (as text and mini-map), relevant score and grading systems (by topic), the WHO Safe Surgery checklist items.

Nursing Pharmacology ($0.99, download) - 125 Flash cards for learning about nursing pharmacology.

Orasphere (free, download) - Includes videos and images to help dentists educate patients on dental care and procedures.

PubMed On Tap ($2.99, download) - Allows users to look up, read, and email links to medical-related research articles.

ReachMD CME (free, download) - Gives healthcare practitioners a way to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits on their iPhone and iPod touch.

Speed Muscles MD ($0.99, download) * Speed Bones MD ($2.99, download) * Speed Angiology MD ($1.99, download) - Quizes and games to educate students in high school, college and medical school on the musculature, skeletal, and angiology (arteries and veins) systems, and - as a bonus - heart, pharynx, larynx, lungs and digestive systems.

Stethoscope Expert ($0.99, download) - Includes audio samples of murmurs as well as other heart, lung and bowel sounds for practice and learning purposes.

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