Mobile Download Guide: 30 iPhone Apps to Help Educators Manage Classrooms | Page 2

iReward ($2.99, download) - Forget gold stars, use your iPhone to keep tabs on and give your students some positive reinforcement.

ITPADD ($6.99, download) - Short for Integrated Technology for Persons with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, this app provides special education teachers with individualized portable curriculums for multiple students. It promises to reduce the cost of traditional materials and increase instructional time.

Keynote Remote ($0.99, download) - Works over iPhone to let you control lectures and presentations created in Keynote '09 from your mobile device.

LanSchool Technologies (free, download) - Manage your classroom and receive feedback from your students in a LanSchool-operated classroom environment. Provides a number of the same features as the desktop edition of LanSchool Student system for Mac and Windows but from an iPhone or iPod touch instead.

Mobile Air Mouse Pro ($1.99, download) - Wirelessly control your desktop computer from your iPhone while you give a lecture or walk around your classroom.


Omnifocus ($19.99, download) - While not specifically designed for educators, this highly rated (albeit somewhat expensive) task and project management application may be just what the doctor ordered to keep and secure--through cloud-based sync and backup-and your students and classroom organized and on target to meet year-end goals.

QuickVoice Recorder (free, download) - Use this popular app to record quickly record voice notes on students, ideas for lectures, or - even - one or all of your your classes.



ResponseWare (free, download) - Subscription-based app and service to get students engaged in learning by allow a classroom or lecture hall full of people to respond to and see the answers to an instructors questions in real-time.

Sound Grenade (free, download) - Quickly quiet a group of rowdy students. Plug your iPhone or iPod touch into a set a speakers and let this app's annoying sounds do the rest.

TeachersPick ($0.99, download) - Keep things fair by using this download to randomly select students and then track which of them have already been chosen for different activities.

TeacherTool ($30.99, download) - Classroom management tool places a comprehensive calendar, course register, grade book, notebook and more in a teacher's hand. App asserts to simplify and speed up administrative and organizational work and can synchronize with a desktop.

Time on Task ($9.99, download) - Enables teachers and administrators to track how engaged individual students are in learning a specific task or tasks. Lets you create charts and graphics for both single and multiple observations over time.

Time Timer ($4.99, download) - Users a disappearing red-disk metaphor to enable teachers and students to see the passage of time so they know how much time is left for a specific task, say an exam, or activity.

Voice Broadcast (free, download) - Enables Ifbyphone customers to schedule and broadcast recorded iPhone messages to multiple recipients; a useful way for a teacher to reach his or entire class with urgent news or reminders.

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