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FDA-Approved Medical App Regulations 2021

SSL Certificates in Mobile Applications

Secure socket layer (SSL) certificates help secure mobile apps and websites by adding an encryption layer via HTTPS.

BYOD Best Practices for Enterprises

These six best practices will help keep you and your employees on the same page when it comes to BYOD.

Enterprise Mobility Management: Trends and Challenges for 2021

The EMM market is expected to grow again this year, bringing with it improvements in IoT deployment, access control and increased use of united endpoint management.

Apple Gets Serious About MDM

The maker of iPhones and iPads touts its new device management options for businesses ahead of a new iOS 7 update.

The Dirty Dozen Smartphones: Why IT Admins Should Care

Security firm Bit9 says a majority of smartphones are running out-of-date and insecure operating systems that present a threat to critical business data. It has created a list of 12 of the most vulnerable smartphones. Guess who dominates the list?

Windows Phone Users Hung by Update Hack

Users of an 'unofficial' updater for Windows Phone 7 have gotten themselves in a jam that may prevent them from ever updating their phones again.

10 Tips to Tighten Smartphone Security

You don’t need an IT staff or complex implementation to enjoy basic, common-sense data protection on your smartphone. Follow these 10 DIY tips for better smartphone security.

RIM Recommends Users Disable JavaScript to Protect BlackBerry OS 6 Handsets

After it was revealed that a mobile security vulnerability exists in the browsers of BlackBerry's running 6.0, RIM issues a security advisory.

Bogus Android Security Patch Discovered by Symantec

The security stalwart reports today that a fake Android security patch contains 'suspicious code.'

Google Uses Kill-Switch to Address Malware at Android Market

The Internet giant moves beyond removal of infected Android apps to fix malware outbreak at the Android Market.

Malware Discovered in Android Market

Google moves quickly to remove the offending mobile apps. What should users concerned about smartphone security watch out for?

Kaspersky Lab Extends Mobile Security to Android, BlackBerry Operating Systems

Internet security firm expands scope of service to include smartphones running the Android and BlackBerry mobile OSes.

Safeguard Mobile Devices with Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition

Our review highlights key features of Symantec's new mobile security offering that allows mobile IT to configure and deploy security measures from a centralized administrator’s console.

Mobile Users More Susceptible to Phishing Scams

Mobile users are three-fold more likely to divulge their login and password information to phishers, according to security software vendor Trusteer.

Mobile Security Review: AirWatch MDM for iOS 4

With the new version of AirWatch powered by Apple MDM, mobile management can control iOS 4 iPads, iPhones, and the apps allowed to run on them.

Top Five Enterprise Security Trends for 2011

Mobile devices in the workplace rank high as potential risks in the list of emerging security trends for the coming year.

How To Avoid the Top 10 Smartphone Security Mishaps of the Holiday Season

To help with mobile device management during the holiday shopping season, we outline the top 10 smartphone security mistakes to safeguard against.

Hackers Set Sights on Android Mobile Devices

Fresh study from AdaptiveMobile finds that mobile malware infections surged 33 percent this year and that Android-based devices are becoming particularly attractive to authors.

Mobile Security Survey Says Smartphone Users Get Sloppy During Holidays

Symantec report finds that most enterprise employees become much more casual about the data they share and access via smartphones over the holidays.

Google Enhances Android Mobile Device Security

Android 2.2 devices gain new administrative controls giving mobile management more browser-based security options.

New Mobile Management and Mobile Security Solutions from Symantec

The security giant enters the mobile enterprise with new solutions for mobile device management and mobile security.

How to Fight Four Cloaked Wi-Fi Security Threats

We put four lesser-known wireless network security menaces in the spotlight by providing mobile IT guidance on how to combat them.

Cisco Brings 'Highly Secure' Net Connectivity to the iPhone

The networking giant's AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution is now available at the iPhone App Store.

Mobile Security: 20 Great Android Apps

We highlight 20 Android security apps that will help mobile IT protect data and devices.

Top Six Mobile Security Threats and How to Prevent Them

We offer tips for addressing smartphone security and wireless network security issues resulting from the influx of handsets in the enterprise.

Mobile Security Tutorial: Enterprise Wi-Fi Encryption in Mac OS X

Need to configure and connect to WPA networks in recent versions of Leopard and Snow Leopard? Our wireless security tutorial outlines the steps mobile IT staff need to follow to use enterprise Wi-Fi encryption and 802.1X in Mac OS X.

Android Smartphones Hit By SMS-Sending Trojan

The first SMS Trojan targeting mobile devices running the mobile Linux Android operating system is discovered by Kaspersky Lab researchers.

Smartphones to Get Biometric Identity Platform for Mobile Security

New solution from BIO-Key lets enterprises use fingerprint biometric data to identify and authenticate smartphone, laptop, tablet and desktop users.

RIM Preps Mobile Security App BlackBerry Protect

Research In Motion is testing a free, cloud-based mobile security service for consumers that offers remote backup, lock and wipe functionality for BlackBerrys.

Google Tightens Mobile Security

Mobile IT and Google Apps administrators now have new mobile device management options for iPhone, Nokia and Windows Mobile devices. But what about Android devices?

Fact or Fiction? Evaluating Common Wi-Fi Security Threats

Mobile security managers should be sure to know what's cause for concern -- and what isn't -- when it comes to Wi-Fi security issues.

Mobile Security Measures for Sending Protected E-Mails

We outline the steps needed to securely send e-mails and transfer files.

Mobile Security Review: Kanguru's Affordable Thumb Drive Protection Offering

Mobile security covers more than smartphones and laptops. We evaluate the Kanguru Remote Management Console Cloud Edition, an affordable way to protect data on thumb drives.

Feds Begin Investigation of Mobile Security Issues with iPad Breach

The FBI and FCC are studying the details of the recent iPad security breach.

Smartphone Security Beyond Lock and Wipe

We outline the three mobile security approaches mobile management can take to ensure that company data is protected.

Mobile Security Tips for Encrypting USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are super convenient for transferring data, but to ensure they don't create a mobile security crisis, we outline steps for encrypting USB drives.

Wireless Network Security Review: CACE Pilot

In this comprehensive review, CACE Pilot, which cuts large-volume traffic captures into smaller data sets for easier evaluation, is tested on wireless networks and LANs.

Verizon Taps Cloud to Tighten Mobile Security, Streamline Mobile Management

Verizon Business rolled out a new cloud-based service that will make it much easier for mobile office workers to securely access their corporate networks.

10 Free Wireless Network Security Test Tools for WLANs

We highlight some of the best, free tools mobile management can use to evaluate Wi-Fi network security issues.

Mobile Security: Seven Steps for Supervising Personal Smartphones in the Enterprise

Our mobile IT manager’s guide to deploying and supervising personal smarpthones in the enterprise covers mobile security, the use of mobile apps and policy creation.

Mobile Security Watch: Smartphone Vulnerabilities

Mobile IT managers may know smartphone security is critical, but may not understand the reasons why. We outline smartphone vulnerabilities you should be aware of before crafting mobile security policy.

Remote Control for BlackBerrys, Enterprise Mobile Management Support for iPad

Mobile management software firm Zenprise today rolls out remote control for BlackBerry troubleshooting and mobile security. Plus, enterprise management support for the iPad.

AT&T WorkBench Brings Mobile Security to iPhone

A mobile app for iPhone strengthens security to make the mobile device IT friendly. Also, AT&T rolls out two new mobile Web applications for Oracle CRM On Demand.

Free Security Applications for Mobile Management

Highlights of seven advanced, free security applications covering VPNs, encrypting flash drives and locking down public workstations.

Mobile Security Using BitLocker on Laptops

BitLocker's comprehensive hard drive encryption means surefire laptop security.

Regulatory Compliance Top Concern in Telehealth

Recognizing telemedicine trend, Fiberlink's cloud-based telehealth solution offers streamlined mobile management and mobile security HIPAA compliance.

Mobile Security for the iPhone with Trust Digital

Recognizing the exploding demand for mobile applications and the need for mobile security, Trust Digital developed a solution for mobile IT to deploy iPhones -- and manage them -- from one centralized location.

Targeting Wireless Network Security Via Wi-Fi Threats

Rogue access points, data interception, DoS downtime -- these are all Wi-Fi threats that can spell trouble for mobile security managers. We outline our Top 10 Wi-Fi threats and offer guidance on how to protect against them.

Wireless Network Security with Mobile Device Data Protection

Securing mobile data isn't just about securing devices: It's also about ensuring the security of network transport infrastructure. Juniper's latest offering improves mobile networking security and includes support from Verizon and Sprint.

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