Free Security Applications for Mobile Management

Mobile IT managers are facing increasing complexities these days, and ensuring mobile security is just one of the tasks at hand when it comes to mobile computing. Here are seven advanced security apps, covering issues such as encrypting flash drives and securing VPNs, that won't bust your budget -- they're free.

This is no laundry list of regular old run-of-the-mill basic security applications, like anti-viral, anti-spyware, firewalls that you can find everywhere on the Internet. Here, we “think outside the box” a bit and offer a list of seven more interesting ones, including biometric logins, hidden OSs, encrypting flash drives, and locking down public workstations -- and the best part? They’re all free.

Login By Looking At A Web Cam with Blink

Do you want to improve security using biometrics, but don’t want to pay for expensive fingerprint scanners? Well, if you have a Web cam lying around, you can use Blink! from Luxand. Users can log into their Windows account just by looking at their computer.

Using facial-recognition has many benefits. First off, it can improve security. Anyone can log in to an unauthorized account if they know the password, but it’s much harder if you must look exactly like the person. Biometric logins can also alleviate the burden of users having to remember long passwords and administrators from enforcing and supporting strict password standards. Plus, if someone tries to log in to another person’s account you’ll get a snapshot of them.

Encrypt Or Create A Hidden OS With TrueCrypt

Even if Windows is password protected, thieves can still access all your files, for example, with a Linux-based LiveCD. To protect your documents and privacy, you can encrypt your data. TrueCrypt is a great open source solution.

TrueCrypt can encrypt three ways: using a file container, non-system partition or drive, or a system partition or entire drive. Like other solutions, each can contain a hidden volume which provides deniability protection. One feature that sets TrueCrypt apart from other solutions is the ability to easily create an entire hidden operating system where sensitive work can securely be performed. Furthermore, it runs on Mac OS X and Linux, in addition to Windows.

For a full TrueCrypt tutorial, click here.

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