How to Fight Four Cloaked Wi-Fi Security Threats

There is more to wireless security than WPA2 and encryption. To ensure mobile security and maintain a sound wireless network, mobile IT should be aware of the lesser-known security threats that can compromise their systems -- as well as how to prevent them. ESecurityPlanet.com's Eric Geier outlines four Wi-Fi security threats and provides guidance for mobile management on how fight them.

It has probably already been beaten into you that you must use Wi-Fi Protected Access -- preferably WPA2 with AES—encryption to secure your wireless network. However, it shouldn’t stop there. As with any other technology, there are numerous security threats.

Here, we’ll isolate four lesser-known Wi-Fi security threats and see how to combat them.

1. Connecting to Other Wi-Fi Networks

You can implement enterprise encryption and have the most secure Wi-Fi network in the world, but it doesn’t apply when users are on other wireless networks. Your users may be able to simply hop onto another nearby Wi-Fi network, potentially exposing their computer and data to the users of that network. They might even use another Wi-Fi signal to get unrestricted access to the network. However, you do actually have some control over the networks users can connect to.

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