New Mobile Management and Mobile Security Solutions from Symantec

The security giant begins to embrace the mobile sector by mapping out a new mobile management and security strategy that embraces businesses, consumers and communication service providers. No longer just a force in the computer and network field, Symantec is now offering mobile security solutions for smartphones, iPads and Android tablets. With the increased consumerization of mobile devices in the workplace, it's critical that mobile management take the steps needed to protect their devices and networks. ESecurityPlanet delves into the details of Symantec's new mobile security offerings.

Smartphone owners are increasingly using the same devices for personal and business use—a development that offers huge potential productivity increases, but which also presents new security and management challenges for IT organizations, consumers and communication service providers. Symantec plans to be the go-to provider of solutions to answer those challenges.

Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC) today announced a new mobile security and management strategy that aims to provide mobile solutions for managing and securing all mobile devices—including phones and tablets using the Android and Apple iOS operating systems. The new strategy includes specific offerings for enterprises, for consumers and for communication service providers.

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Symantec's New Mobile Security, Management Strategy


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