How To Avoid the Top 10 Smartphone Security Mishaps of the Holiday Season

Just because it's the holidays, it doesn't mean it's a vacation from practicing mobile security safeguards. Given how many mobile office workes use their personal smartphones for business, mobile management, at the very least, should establish policies regarding authorized smartphone use and mandatory security measures. To help, we outline the top 10 smartphone security mishaps to avoid.

Smartphone adoption skyrocketed in 2010. According to Visiongain, Android sales leapt 886 percent this year, fast over-taking the popular game-changing iPhone. When workers head home for the holidays, they'll be taking these new smartphones with them. According to a survey on holiday habits conducted by Symantec, a whopping 90 percent expect to use smartphones to engage in at least some business activity. Let's look their anticipated holiday uses, associated risks, and what can be done to neutralize them.

The consumerization of mobile devices at work: mixing business with pleasure

When Symantec decided to survey users about holiday plans, they expected to find activities like online shopping. "Results were mostly consistent with our expectations," said Khoi Nguyen, director of product management for Symantec's Mobile Security Group. "But we were surprised by the amount of work use during the holidays."

Eighty-three percent of respondents planned to use smartphones for a mix of business and personal activities. But, although 63 percent were aware of smartphone security solutions, just 23 percent reported using them. Sadly, half agreed with the statement: "Smartphone security software is beneficial, but not essential." This shows a gap between risk awareness and mitigation. "People haven't yet been directly impacted [by mobile threats] and think they aren't exposed," said Nguyen. "They don't fully understand that smartphones are endpoints that must be protected, like PCs."

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