Wireless Carrier Review: Telstra

Telstra mobile provides service to more Australians than any other company in the country and is a prominent provider in many others. 

Based in Melbourne, the company provides 18.8 million retail mobile services, 3.8 million retail fixed bundles and standalone data services and 960,000 retail fixed standalone voice services to clients in 20 countries. 

Telstra is a leading employer in Australia, employing around 30,000 workers worldwide, according to CNN. Employees of the company's 200+ wholly or partially owned subsidiaries are not included in this figure. A few notable subsidiaries include:

  • Telstra Europe

Reach Asian Undersea Cable

  • Adstream Australia

  • SouFun

  • Telstra Endeavour

  • iVision

  • Telstra operates across several key segments:

    • Telstra Consumer and Small Business 

    • Telstra Enterprise

    • Telstra Wholesale

    • Networks and IT

    • Telstra InfraCo

    This article will provide a detailed overview of  Telstra mobile, including target industries, partner companies, user opinions, industry recognitions and the company’s financial position.

    Telstra logo square.

    Wireless solutions

    Telstra mobile offers many corporate solutions. The company provides services for businesses that are compatible with a variety of mobility structures. Primarily, enterprise mobility is offered as part of a broader program, Telstra Purple, which includes:

    • Networking

    • Security

    • Cloud services

    • Collaboration tools

    • Mobility 

    • Software development and design

    • Data management solutions

    • Artificial intelligence tools

    Business mobile plans

    Telstra offers a range of plans for small and midsize businesses and large enterprises. Companies can choose from various product and service options, including:

    • Mobile SIM (and double SIM) plans for employee-owned devices

    • Mobile phone and tablets for corporate-owned device programs

    • Remote workforce solutions including NETGEAR Nighthawk M5, a mobile hotspot that can provide connections to up to 20 Wi-Fi devices

    Cloud services

    Telstra’s cloud service support allows employees to connect to important corporate resources from anywhere. Devices used on the Telstra network to connect to Telstra’s cloud services are highly secure. 


    Telstra offers broadband services to companies that can be used for SMS messaging from computers to mobile devices, among other functions. 

    NBN services

    Telstra has a wide presence on Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN), a wholesale open-access data network used by consumers and businesses for wired and wireless communications. 

    5G access

    The company is increasing its 5G access steadily and offers 4G and 5G plans in select markets. Telstra reports that its 5G network currently covers more than 2,700 suburbs and over 200 Australian cities and towns. 

    Telstra enterprise solutions

    These services include:

    • Sales, services and contract management for business and government customers

    • Product management for tech products and services including mobility applications and data and internet protocol networks 

    • Industry vertical solutions across Telstra’s networks

    Target industries

    Telstra mobile offerings for companies focus on businesses of all sizes, across a wide variety of businesses. The company expressly targeted companies that shifted to remote working arrangements in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic with products like mobile hotspots and cloud and hybrid cloud solutions.  

    Telstra targets companies that use remote IoT devices, connecting the devices to cloud-based servers that can be accessed via mobile phones and tablets.  

    Another key target for Telstra is governmental bodies. For example, the company recently entered a 15-year contract with a water utility to manage its IoT profile. 


    Two of Telstra’s most prominent partnerships are with two smaller telecommunications brands, Belong and Boost Mobile. Telstra backs these two brands to “provide broadband and mobile services to customers with different needs,” according to Telstra’s website. 

    The company also partners with non-profit organizations to increase access to mobile technology across all demographics. 

    User opinion

    User review site Reviews.org rates Telstra 4.5 out of 5.0, citing the company’s “world class network” and “extensive customer support.” Areas of concern include the lack of 5G coverage on lower-end plans and relatively expensive plans on the upper end. 

    The Featured Customers review website rates Telstra 4.8 out of 5.0 based on more than 1,000 case studies and testimonials. 

    Finder, an Australian review site, gives Telstra business mobile plans praise across three key areas:

    • Offering a large range of plans appropriate for businesses of all sizes

    • Telstra’s shared data format means companies don’t need to micromanage individual employee data requirements

    • Extras like business apps, consultation services and a user-friendly management portal

    Industry recognition

    Recent industry recognition includes:

    • 2020 Commsday Edison Awards, Best Cloud Provider, Best IoT Company, Best Mobile Operator

    • 2019 Australian Communications Industry Awards, Innovation award for the Telstra Track and Monitoring system

    • 2019 Avaya Asia-Pacific Partner Awards, Service Provider Partner of the Year

    Telstra is also well known for its own award-granting program, the Telstra Best of Business Awards. This 25-year program was created “to reward and celebrate the inspirational and exceptional businesses moving Australia forward,” according to Telstra’s website. 

    Financial position 

    Telstra’s Fiscal Year 2020 revenue was $26.2 billion, according to the company’s year-end financial report. This figure represents a 5.9% decrease versus 2019 year-end results. 

    Telstra’s major competitors in Australia earned significantly less revenue in 2020. Optus reported $9.0 billion in revenue and TPG Telecom reported $4.4 billion in revenue.

    Stock analysts generally concur that Telstra is a solid investment, indicating a positive expectation for the company’s financial position in the future. 

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