Archos Enters Smartphone Space With Android Tablet

Archos may be known for its portable media players, but now it's challenging smartphone makers as well. The company has announced an Internet media tablet (IMT) with a built-in Android-based mobile phone.

"Support for an Android-based device represents a historical opportunity for Archos to combine all the best of our IMTs with a phone in a single device delivering high-quality video and a full Web experience in true mobility," said Archos CEO Henri Crohas in a statement.

The ultrathin Archos tablet will run on a Texas Instruments OMAP3440 CPU and offer 500GB of storage space. With the Google Android OS and seven hours of video playback time, the Archos IMT could be worth a look when it's released in the third quarter.

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  • High-resolution 5" screen and full-width page viewing
  • Adobe Flash and Flash Video support, full screen
  • Mobile access to TV, movies, photos, music and games
  • TV recording and High Definition (HD) playback, all formats
  • Hundreds of hours of video storage, up to 500 GB
  • Compact 10-mm ultra-thin tablet
  • Long battery life, 7 hours' video playback
  • 3.5G 7.2 Mb/s HSUPA
  • First implementation of OMAP3440 processor based on the ARM Cortex superscalar microprocessor and DSP