Mozilla Pre-Alphas Windows Mobile Browser

Over a year ago the Mozilla Foundation announced it would was developing a version of its popular FireFox browser for Windows Mobile smartphones. The first fruits of this effort (pre-alpha), called Fennec, are now available for HTC Touch Pro smartphones, known as the Fuze for AT&T customers.

Should you install the new browser, keep in mind Fennec is going to be pretty buggy. Of course, Mozilla’s going to want your feedback so they can make it better. Early reports indicate the performance of the browser is very slow.

Although this edition of Fennec is for the Touch Pro, it should work with other Windows Mobiles with 480 x 640-pixel (VGA) resolution touch screens.

Mozilla's goal with the browser is to provide wireless users with a full-fledged Firefox experience, including support for browser extensions as well as enabling other developers to build applications on top of it.

In addition to Windows Mobile, Mozilla's been working on a version of Fennec for Nokia's Internet Tablets and the Symbian S60 smartphone platform. In fact, an alpha version of the browser has been available for Nokia's Linux-run Wi-Fi tablets since October.

To download Fennec for the Touch Pro, click here. You can learn more about Mozilla's mobile device strategy here.