FM Lives ... in a Nokia

It's one of the downsides of the digital handset revolution: the relative lack of devices with FM receivers. Some mp3 players that are not phones do have an FM receiver, but few smartphones seem to, with Nokia a notable exception.

The latest Nokia with an FM receiver is the 7510 from T-Mobile ($49.99 after rebate and discounts, with a contract).

While the ability to customize what you listen to has revolutionized our relationship with audio -- and downloading lets us listen uninterrupted on the subway or in other places terrestrial radio doesn't reach -- nothing is a substitute for the urgent "we interrupt this program" type of announcement that can only come from live radio. Plus, there's a different feel when you listen live, though of course some internet radio options include live DJs.

While many high-tech companies probably see no reason to give precious space and resources to FM, Nokia can be commended for recognizing a medium whose death has been predicted for more than 60 years since the birth of television.

Oh, and the origin of much of your podcast contents? Likely radio.