VMware Moves Ahead With Virtual Phone

At the VMware Europe 2009 conference in Cannes, France, VMware has demonstrated its Mobile Virtualization Platform, which will allow mobile phones to run on multiple operating systems, such as Google Android, Linux, and Windows CE.

According to VMware, the MVP also enables phones to consume a low amount of power. In addition, the platform will allow handset makers to reduce development time for mobile phones by using the same software stack across various phone models. Meanwhile, users will be able to keep profiles for both personal and work use on the same phone.

In November, VMware, a unit of EMC, bought Trango, a small French company that specializes in virtualization apps for mobile phones.

ITPro has a video of Julia Alston, VMware's head of mobile virtualization engineering, demonstrating the Android and Windows CE platforms side by side at the VMworld conference.

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