Chat With Your TV on Your Phone

Mobile application development company Mobui has a new interactive tool for TV viewers: a chat application called Mobui Audience Chat, which allows television broadcasters and studios to chat live with audiences on the air on their mobile devices. Viewers can post opinions, comments, or questions in chat rooms.

The application runs on the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile operating systems.

"From Top Chef to I Love Money 2, many of today’s popular television shows are using the mobile phone to transform their audience from passive viewers to active participants," said John Burry, founder and CEO of Mobui, in a statement.

Burry says Mobui works with networks such as VH1, Nickelodeon, and TiVo on platforms to interact with viewers.

The application also has an avatar feature for audience members and allows them to send SMS invites to friends to join chats.


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