Learn Algebra on a Smartphone

It's common enough for frustrated algebra students to stammer, "when will I ever use this in real life?" But a pilot project in North Carolina gave math students a tool they no doubt relished to help them with their math homework: Smartphones.

Organizers of the Qualcomm-sponsored Project K-Nect say students used their donated HTC PPC 6800 Windows Mobile device to access supplemental math content that jibed with what they were doing in class. Tutors were available during out-of-school hours via the phones and students also tapped social networking sites-to get help from each other (no comment on what other uses they put the sites to, though the phones were equipped to work only within parameters condoned by the schools).

Students in the program did well on their assignments and in their algebra classes overall. Geometry is expected to be added to the program next.


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