Review: Mobile Network Security Using Motorola AirDefense

Ensuring that your enterprise wireless security is fail-proof is critical to protecting mobile business data and for complying with regulatory mandates. This comprehensive review evaluates Motorola's new AirDefense add-on.

Review: Motorola AirDefense Wireless Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Price: $295 per sensor (AirDefense add-on module)
Pros: Centrally-initiated IP/port scans, automated AP crawls, good for routine sanity checks
Cons: Buggy discovery results, too slow for exhaustive scans, no substitute for on-site VA

Testing security is critical to safeguard business data and comply with regulatory mandates, but it can be overwhelmingly costly in large distributed networks. Case in point: Retailers struggle to scan every in-store cardholder data environment for PCI DSS compliance. Dispatching staff and equipment to hundreds of sites each quarter can make a CFO's head spin, leaving CSO's searching for cost-effective alternatives.

To help customers cut those expenses, Motorola has introduced a new AirDefense Enterprise Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) add-on module. The AirDefense Wireless Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Tool leverages an enterprise's Wi-Fi security monitoring infrastructure to perform centrally initiated, remotely executed scans.

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Review: Motorola AirDefense Wireless VA Tool


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