Thousands of Mobile Apps for iPad Available Now

Mobile applications for the iPad are available at the Apple App Store today, and by noon on the East Coast there were close to 3,000 already online -- with more being added -- in categories ranging from games to productivity to entertainment.

The iPad goes on sale tomorrow, but the mobile downloads for Apple's handheld computer are providing a glimpse of what people will be doing once they buy one. When the Wall Street Journal took inventory, the iPad app list was at 2,300. In the WSJ Digits blog, Jennifer Valentino-DeVries highlights some interesting iPad applications, including the free ABC Player app that offers viewing of full television episodes and the free NPR app, which displays stories in magazine format with audio.

Over at AppShopper is a comprehensive list of iPad apps, for those who want to peruse them. On the workplace front, there's Cisco's iPad-only MyRouters Pro that's "specifically designed for network administrators of Cisco & Juniper (M/T) routers to simplify login and access to command line interface (CLI) through the iPads when they are working off-site," a sure sign we'll be seeing the mobile device in the enterprise. And of course, there's a slew of sports, games, graphics, social networking, lifestyle and entertainment ones as well.

iPad App Prices are Pricey

But before iPad owners get too excited, they should take note of the prices. Joseph Tartakoff at Moconews.net points out that the average prices for iPad apps are bit higher than those for the iPhone, though he predicts that will change over time.

"Take a look at the just-made-public iPad apps in the iTunes store and what stands out are the prices of many of the apps. Scrabble on the iPad? $9.99 versus $2.99 on the iPhone. Tetris? $7.99 instead of $4.99. Hangman? Yes, Hangman! $4.99," writes Tartakoff. "Sure, app makers can argue that they’re pricing their apps at a premium because they have additional features—but if the history of iPhone app pricing is any guide, prices will start dropping very fast as more apps enter the store—and as app makers battle to get to the top of the best-seller list."

Most iPad Apps at Launch Not iPhone-Friendly

Alexander Vaughn at AppAdvice.com also notes the higher cost for iPad apps, and offers a break-down on how many iPad apps are compatible with the iPhone.

"Two things; first of all, it seems like most developers have chosen to go iPad only with just 25 percent of the 2673 already released iPad apps being universal. Secondly, iPad apps are not cheap, with an average price of $4.37 per app, including the 18 percent of free ones," writes Vaughn.


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