Apple Addresses Wi-Fi iPad Issue, Sort Of

Some iPad owners are reporting spotty Wi-Fi connectivity on their new mobile devices. What's Apple going to do about it?

Despite many positive reports of a successful iPad launch this week, some users had persistent complaints about problems with the mobile device's Wi-Fi connectivity.

The complaints -- on user forums, tech blogs and other sites -- range from users reporting weak signals to losing the Wi-Fi connection altogether. Many users also said they were experiencing no Wi-Fi issues with other Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) products, such as iPhones and MacBooks, in the same location.

Apple's own Discussion forum topic "weak wifi" was flooded with complaints by users who said they've had mixed results maintaining Wi-Fi connection.

"My ipad is having issues with maintaining a wifi connection. It usually drops every 10-20 minutes. To resolve this, I go and turn off the wifi and turn it back on. It's frustrating and time consuming," one user, identified as "skoota73," wrote on the forum. "Another issue is that when it is connected, I have issues with playing video. It's either very slow or doesn't load at all."

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Apple Partly Addresses Wi-Fi iPad Issue


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