iPhone 4 Features that Make It Best Smartphone for Mobile Computing

Datamation columnist Mike Elgan makes his case for why the iPhone 4 beats out Research In Motion's BlackBerrys as the best smartphone for the enterprise -- but not for the reasons you might think.

If you think the new iPhone for is just a pretty toy for Apple fanboys and girls, I've got news for you: even for business users, it's the best smartphone that ever shipped.

Surprisingly, it's not better for business because of its faster performance, ultra-high resolution screen, folders, improved call quality or even multitasking. Its superiority comes from features and functions that have been under-reported and under-appreciated.

Here's why Apple's iPhone 4 is the best business phone ever put on the market:

Superior Speakerphone

Business people need high-quality speakerphones. The iPhone 4 may provide the best speakerphone experience of any existing mobile phone. The source of this quality comes from improvements to noise-cancellation software, a second mic for noise cancellation and improved microphone and speaker electronics. Most interestingly, the iPhone 4 boasts a very well designed "audio chamber," which improves the audio quality of speakerphone calls.

On the iPhone 4, the other caller will sound much better to you during speakerphone calls, and you'll sound better to them.

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Why iPhone 4 is the Best Business Smartphone Ever


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