Microsoft Paying Mobile App Devs to Sign Up for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is desperately trying to regain a competitive edge in the smartphone sector, and its success depends on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 and accompanying mobile OS. To support the effort, the software giant is paying mobile app developers to jump on board.

Microsoft has confirmed it is paying some third-party developers to create mobile applications for its forthcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile devices.

However, industry watchers differ on how much it will help establish Windows Phone 7 as a serious challenger to the likes of Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone and the growing list of Android-powered devices.

The move is widely seen as another admission by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) that it needs to prime the pump for customers who have plenty of other smartphone options.

"We are investing heavily in the developer community by offering as many resources as we can to help them be successful on our platform," a Microsoft spokesperson said in an e-mail to InternetNews.com.

"Where it makes sense we do co-fund strategic projects on a limited basis," the spokesperson added.

Microsoft just this week began to distribute preview Windows Phone 7 devices to developers, and also began shipping the beta developer tools to make it easier to write apps and games for the company's new smartphone system.

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Microsoft Pays for Windows Phone 7 App Development


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