Mobile IT Using Cloud Computing to Manage Smartphones

Most mobile IT departments now provide support for employees' personal smartphones and use cloud-based tools to manage and secure them, according to a report.

CIOs long ago came to the realization that they couldn't keep personally owned smartphones out of the enterprise. So instead of fighting it, they're increasingly investing time and money in cloud-based mobile devices management and security applications to make the best of the situation.

According to a new report from Forrester Consulting and Fiberlink Communications, a provider of cloud-hosted mobile IT compliance services, more than half of the financial services firms surveyed are now supporting their employees' personal iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid smartphones even though it increases both the cost and complexity of their IT security projects.

In fact, more than one-third of the companies surveyed are now supporting multiple mobile operating systems and 10 percent are supporting four or more mobile operating systems.

The unintended consequence of embracing all these mobile devices and operating systems in the enterprise is that most companies can't afford to dedicate too much of their time or personnel to lock down these devices the way they can and do for their installed desktop and laptop computers, data centers and key business-critical applications and servers.

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CIOs Embrace Cloud to Manage Smartphones


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