Droid 2 Running Android 2.2 On Tap

The Droid 2 -- only the fourth smartphone to run the latest version of Android 2.2. -- will be available for ordering online tomorrow for $199.99 after $100 mail-in rebate and two-year contract. It will be available in stores on Thursday.

“With the new Droid 2, we’ve taken a big leap forward from the original Droid,” Bill Ogle, chief marketing officer of Motorola mobile devices, said in a statement. “We listened to consumers and are providing an even more robust experience built on Android 2.2 that includes a new keyboard, increased processing power, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and 3G mobile hotspot capabilities to send, access and share information even quicker than before.”

The news of Droid 2 comes at a time when industry watchers and early adopters are anticipating the rollout of Android 2.2., dubbed Froyo, as it includes significant enhancements to the Google-backed mobile Linux OS. Simultaneously, the Android OS is outselling other mobile platforms for the first time since debuting two years ago.

Android 2.2 includes more mobile security features, such as support for complex passwords and policies, remote wipe and the ability to remotely lock the device to secure data if the smartphone is lost or stolen. It also includes support for Exchange calendars, Adobe Flash as well as tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, and, overall, performs much faster. The mobile OS also now allows for application storage on external devices and a more fluid mobile app market experience.

The Droid 2, made by Motorola and supported by the Verizon Wireless network, improves upon its sibling, the original Droid, in several areas. It includes a redesigned symmetrical keyboard with raised keys for more responsive typing, according to the companies, as well as speech-to-text input. The mobile device also includes Swype for text input.

On the security front, full push corporate e-mail delivers enhanced features such as remote wipe and password enforcement to help protect sensitive data and information.

Droid 2 owners will also be able to download mobile apps from Android Market, which has more than 70,000 applications, and store them on 8GB of preloaded on-board memory and the 8 GB microSD card, which can be upgraded to a 32GB SD card for a total capacity of 40 GB.

There will also be a limited edition R2-D2 version of the Droid 2 available in September for Star Wars fans, that will have exclusive Star Wars content with external hardware designed to look like R2-D2.

Sprint last week began updating the HTC Evo 4G with Froyo, and soon after, Verizon followed suit with the original Droid. These two handsets join the Google-branded Nexus One, and now Motorola Droid 2, in running Android 2.2.

The Evo 4G, which shipped with Android 2.1, works on Sprint's 4G network over WiMax where available and then defaults to 3G if a 4G network is not available. Evo 4G has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a host of other features.


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